Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Incapacitants - Burning Orange
Pica Disk CD 2008 PICA006
No doubt about it anymore, Japanese noise duo Incapacitants are quite simply the best noise band on the planet right now. As I sit here twiddling with my overgrown face fuzz I still think back to that magical night at No Fun where the classic Incapacitants line up of Toshiji Mikawa and Fumio Kosakai shook the place to the ground with an intense set of mind boggling psychedelic noise fizz that drew comparisons with sightings of the Holy Mother and trips to Lourdes. For as Tommi Keränen so rightly states in his excellent liner notes, an Incapacitants live show ‘has a power of near religious proportions’.
Live shows outside their own country though are as rare a sight as Keiji Heino in a straw boater but Lasse Marhaug persuaded them to travel to Oslo for the 2006 All Ears Festival and this here disc is evidence of that trip. As you would expect from the Incaps its a blistering set. Nearly thirty minutes of high density, red level madness akin to an army of androids malfunctioning in shorting random spastic attacks as you try to hold on to a loose whip cracking high voltage cable. What amazes me about their sets is that the intensity rarely slips and somewhere along the line you’re going to hit your own personal blissful moment of trancedental delight. If you ever get to see them live you’ll see it on the punters faces. Its an incredible sight. Somewhere near the end of this set as the signals begin to cut out you can just about hear the audience starting to shriek and holler their approval. At the end it’s genuine heart felt applause and its for two men who are revered and held in high esteem by noise aficionados the world over. By day the Incapacitants work for the Japanese banking industry and the government in turn. Its worth remembering this if you ever get to see them because they don’t get up their in suits and sit behind a desk, they get involved, shake and tremble, scream into mics, sweat, get delirious with the sheer power of the noise they create. As your senses are being shoved out the cracks in your skull and the hairs on your legs shiver with delight its worth remembering this. To see them live is a privilege and as I recently saw at Instal 08, people will travel many miles to see them, to soak up the special atmosphere they create, to pay homage to the greatest live noise bandß of them all.
There’s an additional track on here too in which liner note writer Tommi Keränen joins them for a similar length set billed as Fumio Tommikawa and after a hesitant start that too delivers. Noise never sounded so good.

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