Saturday, May 22, 2010


Helm - Illuminated Factory [Peasant Magik - cassette]
Helm [RRR - recycled cassette series]

One half of drone day trippers, Birds of Delay, Mr. Luke Younger [a.k.a The Thin White Luke - whose so damned good looking he gets stopped on the lower east side by photographers asking him to pose for photos and which he so cooly and naturally turns down] develops the urge to create on his own and Helm is the result.
First with three tracks on the ever so good lately Peasant Magik label that sound increasingly like the Eno/Fripp classic No Pussyfooting in which a single guitar note is goes from high to low [or is it low to high?] via a bottleneck and hangs there tantalizingly whilst a sea of drone churns on in an industrial low heat.
If I had to choose one to take with me though it would have to be the recycled tape. By its very nature the recycled tape is what it says on the box [mines an old Silverfish tape] RRRon is doing his bit for the planet and putting good sounds out at the same time. I’ve been a fan of the recycled series since whenever when - no track listing, generic masking tape covering the original artwork and RECYCLED written across it in what I presume is Ron’s [or some goggle eyed acolytes] own hand . Insert and enjoy. Enjoy, in this case, some exquisitely floating just above the surface, gently churning dust motes that drift in and out of consciousness in a salt lake plain where the horizon is forever hazy and the temperature just above melting. Or, degraded toy piano motifs under a wheezing drone monster. These are timeless excursions. My only regret being that I missed Helm play at the recent Colour Out of Space fest in Brighton but going on first at 6PM on a Friday night is always a killer especially when your a mile away, on foot and its coming down like stair rods. There’ll be other times though. Until then, these will do nicely.

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