Monday, June 07, 2010

Dieter Müh

Dieter Müh - The Call
Haemoccult Recordings 
LP 230 copies/white vinyl 
It is with these two 23 minutes tracks [natürlich] that Dieter Müh now enter the pantheon of great Industrial artists. That is not to say that what they have proffered us before is of a substandard rating and not worthy of inclusion into such a genre, far, far, far and further away from the truth could a statement ever be less true and smite me Holy Father for even thinking such a thing. But after listening to The Call since its release many moon since now it is with hand on wallet that I do solemnly swear that this is one of the best listens of my life and as good as anything else on the Industrial calendar, now, before, hence for ever and ever amen. What we have here is not simply the best Dieter Müh release to date but probably one of the best Industrial/ambient albums of all time. Let us not stop there though for the Mighty Müh have not only delivered one of the best industrial ambient releases of all time they have now firmly carved their names onto the walls of Industrial Culture there for all to see for eternity, one inch deep in granite never to be removed. It’s Mount Rushmore time in Müh land.
So why the superlatives? 
This is a timeless piece of work built on a steady trickle of studio and live performances as evinced over the last 15 years or so [and thats not including previous projects]. Dieter Müh’s live appearances are sporadic at best. Their recorded material comes in fits and starts too but it is with a measured hand that this material is laid upon us. The forming of their own label allows them to limit this to 230 copies [oh lordy] and issue it on thick heavy weight white vinyl thus ensuring that this is probably already sold out and gathering cult status as I tap. 
Everything fits, there’s no compromise. You have here not just a mere record but a historical artifact a piece of history a fucking heirloom ferrcristsakes.
So what’s it sound like?
Fans will be familiar with the way Dieter Müh build their sound out of treated samples, broken bones, spoken words and [occasionally] the odd electric string. Sounds unfamiliar to everyday hearing are commonplace here thus making every DM release a rewarding experience to your sonic spaceman. No cut and paste software here you honour. Organic is in laptops are out.
The masterstroke here is the inclusion [on the title track] of spoken word text by occult author and OTO member Lon Dilo DuQuette. This is a deft piece of association that fits like hand in glove and is the keystone that holds this whole thing together. Side two [Sutreworde] is a live outing of controlled evolving sound that explores everything from a struck bell to Lecter like jaw chatter. Every sound, note, movement and sample connects perfectly forming a complete whole that lifts this into exalted territory. 
The Call appears in five parts; each one a soporific drift of awing treated sounds that holds your attention like a hypnotist gaze. Adrift on the good ship industrial ambience and soaking up the effortless bowl drone this listener was shot bolt upright by the softly spoken lilting sound of DuQuette intoning an Enochian mantra. In a language I don’t understand DuQuette speaks gently, his words coming clearly in the manner of a torturer placating someone he’s just about to electrocute. Such are the impeccable production values that its as if DuQuette was in the room with you whispering his words an inch from your ear. Its an eerie and disquieting experience but still a thrill.
Sutreworde is a live recording from 2003. In Ausburg, Germany they flow effortlessly through a slew of perfectly fitting treated vocal samples and heartbeat rhythms. Lunatic screams, a bucket struck chime, a feeling of being slowly anaethatised, pulled under with a pillow held over your face. Towards your journeys end comes the DM mantra “we’re not happy ... ‘till you’re not happy”. There’s what sounds like power station outages, a heavy blast of residual force ebbing away into the emptiness.

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