Thursday, October 21, 2010

Deepkis720/Mothers of the Third Reich

Deepkiss720/Little Creatures
Midori CDR.
33 copies.
Mothers Of The Third Reich
C90. No info.
When I arrive in London tomorrow I shall head straight to my hotel and when entering my room I shall run a bath and throw all the freebie soaps in it and have a good soak. Having already reccied the Beaconsfield Art Centre I know that there is a pub selling German beers not but a half mile from its front door and it’s to there that I shall repair for a few pre-gig snorters and maybe, if hunger gets the best of me, a currywurst.
The tension is building in the run up to the Lowest Forms of Music weekend. A tension thats almost tangible. I feel the internet crackling with anticipated vibes as bags are packed and last minute checks are made by people flying in from America, Japan and Europe. Its fair to say that this coming weekend could see the most memorable noise related event this century has ever seen eclipsing even the four night 2007 No Fun Fest. The vibes are just right. A three day love-in of all things Los Angeles Free Music Society. The first on these shores. A veritable cornucopia of Japanese noise acolytes, American weird and European sensible [well, almost I suppose]. This could be the only chance we ever get to see The Incapacitants and Hijokaidan on the same bill in Europe, in England even. And then there’s Airway, Smegma, Raionbashi, Tom Recchion, La Forte Four, Extended Organ, Bill Kouligas, John Duncan, John Wiese and and and too many to mention but lets not forget the Durgmeister who I haven’t seen for nearly a year but who I hope is still sporting that fine fine face-full of fuzz.
Jase Williams will also be there. He’s easy to spot, a 6’ 7” Ben Gunn [unless he’s gone and shaved it all off again] and will no doubt be kipping in his car outside the venue as a cash saving measure. Jase’s contribution to the UK noise scene may be small when looked at in terms of released output but thats no reflection on his influence and input. Those few releases would suggest the mind of a man for whom side long tranches of noise aren’t the excuse for periods of reflection but a chance to wreak havoc with your ears. With his long running solo project Deepkiss720 Jase has managed to create a monster that makes noise that is genuinely unlistenable and I mean that in the most respectful of ways. Its not everybody who can put something into the noise trough that is so totally off centre as to be totally off whatever scale it is you want to measure it by. He doesn’t make bad noise in an amateurish way but bad noise in a professional way, a way that can truly disfigure. I’ve seen him play plenty of times and each time its been a hands over the ears, run away quickly type of experience. I reckon its the kind of response he would appreciate. Take the only Deepkiss720 LP to date; the Harbinger released Pace X Friction, a hyper active teenagers cassette collection chopped up into a thousand bits and glued back together randomly. Coming from somebody who’s spent a lot of time in the same room as Andy Bolus its probably the only result you could expect. Switching between chopped up drum and bass, noise blasts, porn samples and oddments pulled from christ knows where Pace X Friction is an ugly sister of a record.
So what to make of a postal collaboration between DK720 and Little Creatures? I received this many months ago and was told to save it for the bottom of the review pile. Suggesting that I may not like it and that it was an off the cuff release meant only for the ears of the desperate. After I’d played it once and my worst fears were becoming reality. The scribbled on CDR didn’t help, plenty similarly adorned releases have seen their short lives end in an airborne bin-ward arc and then there was the Gothic script and black magic song titles and the general all round feel of an off the cuff release meant only for the ears of the desperate. But I felt that there was more here than what was first apparent and subsequent listens have proved me right. Ignore the one perfunctory noise track which, as good as it sounds, seems unnecessary here because underneath lies a pretty good exploratory album. Listening in a more relaxed manner I detected much that is good amongst the immediately mundane; a nine minute track of Arctic desolation with randomly struck piano keys, shortwave crackle coupled to reversed monks plainsong, spazmo glitch electronics and Smegma style turntable-ism. Separating who did what and where it all ended up is an impossible task but i feel that these two were meant for each other. I’ve no idea who Little Creature is but he/she/them have managed to do the impossible and calm down the Ritalin deficient DK720.
Perhaps Jase’s work is more aptly summed up with his recent project ‘Mothers Of The Third Reich’. Joining forces with a drummer, Jase belts ideas out of an electric guitar, a clarinet [I think?] and various noise boxes creating something that may become the UK’s three legged dog version of Fushitusha. A homemade, spray-painted cassette contained various live outings [and no doubt some studio rumblings which were of course incredibly noisy but you’ve just got to get your head around these things. Immersing yourself into Jase’s world is never going to be an easy one and it isn’t a job for the faint hearted. So I persevere and somewhere along the line I feel that I may be making some kind of contact. The rasping, farting sounds of an overloaded sub woofer somewhere on that cassette sounded to me like the dying moans of an aging elephant. I was touched. Right there. It was like Coltrane coming at me at 20 hertz. Some kind of celestial connection was made and I was transported. Its what noise music is all about and I believe Jase has what it takes. Whatever it is. That first listen is never easy though, you have to persevere. Just like Jase.


jase said...

Thanks for the review(s) the MOTTR drummer also plays sax, her name is Jo. felt she should be mentioned, you were not to know...

martin p said...

littlecreature is i.
i used to get just glittering from thee - i ran the canister/little creature tape label/zine thingy. In southampton, near simon DDD. PLEASE tell me yr still in contact with mr paul harrison...?