Friday, June 21, 2013

Idwal Fisher 50th Birthday Party C90 Mix Tape

I had an idea but too late in the day for it to take affect. Given the time I would have made 50 mix tapes all with different tracks on them, hand written inlay cards, small drawings, bits of newspaper cut outs, designed as penned by my own fair hand, you know the deal. These would then be dished out to whoever was passing in Leeds on the 22nd of June when two days before my 50th birthday I will probably end up blind drunk in a gutter outside the Wharf Chambers.

This will have to do instead. As recorded last night on what I now realise is a dying turntable. All the tracks are from seven inch singles which I've picked up along the way. Some came from the chazza some from when I was but a teenager, some from Mrs Fisher. These were then put on to the PC with one of those cassette to digital things which has never worked properly and from which you will hear a constant throb during the quieter moments.

Two sides of a C90 that you have to download and then burn onto a CD that you then have to record onto a cassette.

See you all Friends of Ham around 4pm.




BBBlood said...

Joe Le Taxi! Now that's what I should have played on Saturday.

BBBlood said...

Oh and hope you're having a great day.