Sunday, August 10, 2014

Panelak - Heimat

Panelak - Heimat
Angurosakuson. AS007. CDR

We left Pascal Ansell with his eponymously titled release but a few months ago. After listening to it and digesting it the word that rang out loudly between our ears was ‘scattergun’. After listening to Heimat the word that now rings loudly between our ears is ‘scattergun’. The man is a tower of reliability.

And he’s enthusiastic. Of that there is now doubt. The Tigger of the Leeds noise scene [if indeed there is such a thing]. An intelligent presence constantly rubbing things together and sticking things in where they shouldn’t just to see what kind of noise emerges. Shouting, wounded sounds, tapes going backwards and forwards, bongoes gone mad, noises galore, some harsh, some not so, pan lids chucked down stone steps, strings plucked, strings scraped, anything that he can get his hands on is detuned, broken and put back together again in a constant bout of ‘pure digital experimentation’ to quote the press release.

True experimentation then, not something you come across much these days. Including the cover with each one coming in a different sleeve as hand made as they come, all torn bits of paper and added bits of things. All wonderful really and hard to dislike. Both inside and out.

Trying to describe it though is like trying to describe your entire music collection. I jotted down a few names that came to mind whilst listening to Heimat and ended up with the following list: Yol, Throbbing Gristle, early Merzbow, Derek Bailey and Raymond Scott. Last time around the list included, Toshiji Mikawa, Joe Jones, Faust and Derek Bailey [a constant I feel]. Whether all of this makes for one coherent whole I’m not so sure but after listening to Heimat numerous times I’m still of the opinion that sooner or later Mr Ansell will deliver something thats not just a collection of ideas. That he’s open to these ideas is encouraging [Yol-like shouting would suggest that exposure to local gigs is having a beneficial effect]. The man is a culture sponge soaking up everything within reach before forming a version in his own style.

I shall look forward to further adventures.

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