Monday, September 15, 2014


Postcard from Dr. Steg

A4 Zine

Dr. Steg’s previous mode of expression’ ‘SPON’ died. When it was alive it came in many different guises, from the jawbones of dead animals to boxes with filled with detritus to zines covered in marks left by mechanical toys. Actual zines with drawings in them were there too of course as was the ongoing [presumably one way] spat with Judge Dread artist Brian Bolland. Steg’s original letter to Bolland appears on page two of the first issue of SPON’s successor SSPPPOONGG, a cut and paste sketch book that Steg put together with fellow traveler Andy Paciorek. The cover’s been updated to take advantage of the never ending conveyor belt of celebrity pedophile action which appears to be a permanent Steg fixation. Inside there’s Gary Glitter, Hitler, Iggy Pop, lots of kittens. Hunter S. Thompson, David Beckham, Steve Buscemi and a cast of hundreds all disfigured in some way so as to make them fit better in to the Steg/Paciorek world. 

SSPPPOONGG 2 [or some variant of the spelling I imagine] will no doubt feature the next batch of odious public figures found to have pasts they’d rather keep hidden or a used curry carton. The possibilities are endless.

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