Friday, May 03, 2013

SPON 27 + 28

SPON 27 - Dr. Adolf Stegs Pocket Sized Survival Kit

Contents include:

One sea shell bracelet
Seven small pieces of chalk in various colours
Three beer bottle caps [one Marstons, one Miller, one plain]
Three used plasters in a plastic bag and one used plaster on its own
An enamel badge celebrating the Queens Golden Jubilee
A small key
Four Christmas tree lights
Two Licorice Allsorts [one pink pastille, the other white nougat with licorice layers]
Fourteen tiles spacers
Approximately twenty cat biscuits
Approximately twenty Rawl plugs
A picture hook
A broken piece of blade
A plastic bottle stopper
Three screw bits for a socket set
Two slot headed cap head screws with wing nut fastenings
An enamel badge from the British Red Cross
Several staples and numerous panel pins all attached to a magnet
A purple cosmetic jewelry stone
A used plaster with hair attached in a plastic bag
Three dice [die?]
Two dome headed slotted screws
Some nail clippings in a plastic bag
Several small screws and some bits of plastic in a plastic bag

All housed in one of those tidy boxes that only people with tweezers or fingers like a child thief can get into.

What I am able to survive with this kit remains unclear. A long flight? Fifteen minutes in front of the computer? A trip to a part of the world where uneducated savages are appeased by the promise of useless bits of paraphernalia in exchange for virgin brides? Christmas? A day out in Burnley?

SPON 28 - The Brion Gysin Issue

A single A3 sheet with a reproduction of Brion Gysin’s obituary as written by Genesis P Orridge which appeared [I think] in the Guardian newspaper. The reverse containing one of Gysin’s artworks and a photo of the man as enhanced by Steg. With it comes a single sheet of A4 with some more biographical Gysin info and a Steg enhanced Gysin picture on the reverse.
SPON [? - Could be a continuation of the above or the above could be a wrapper for this]

A brightly coloured A4 ‘comic’ whose cover is a letter of complaint from the Technical Enforcement Officer of the Environment Protection wing of the Lancashire County Council requesting that to whom it may concern better shift their shit or there’ll be trouble. Inside there’s plenty of Steg’s great penwork and a collection of family snaps, mainly from the 70’s and 80’s, containing many a shot of a child dutifully standing in front of something important. The young Dr. Steg perhaps? Theres also a great pull out centre spread Dr. Steg artwork which contains the following words; ‘Mick Philpott Britains Best Dad’. Mick Philpott being the father of 17 children and the killer of six of them when a bizarre plot to frame the woman who left him went horribly wrong.


The Ceramic Hobs Live At The Cedar Tavern Blackpool 2012.

After ten minutes of listening to Live at the Cedar Tavern my computers optical drive decided that it had had enough and whirred to an abrupt halt. This has never happened to me before. I feel it is all part of Dr. Steg’s master plan. Before everything went whiirrrrrrrrrrrr I heard the Hobs talking and about five minutes of feedback, every other instrument stubbed out bar for the tiniest amount of drums. I could of course try to play it on another drive but I feel that its better left this way.

Its Steg’s world. There’s no point trying to make sense of it.

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