Tuesday, March 04, 2014


SPON 39 - Untouched By Human Hand
12 page A4 zine.

So farewell then SPON. I wasn’t there at the start but I was there at the end. For this is the end. No more will the unpredictable glory that was Dr Adolf Steg’s SPON stain my doorstep.

SPON wasn’t just a zine or a comic, SPON could be anything that Dr Steg wanted it to be: Ziplock bags filled with rubbish, the jaw bone of an animal, a eulogy on DVD to his late father in law, straight reprints of American zines containing signed photos of Gracie Fields, plastic tidy boxes with Rawlplugs, screws, bits of crayon, marbles, safety pins, bottle caps, tile spacers and various other oddments in them, some SPON’s were surreal takes on Judge Dread, some lauded Brion Gysin and Peter Cooke, some came in plastic wallets filled with original art work, one issue was all portraits, others were filled with Steg’s own surreal creatures. All of them made doing this, putting words on paper, worthwhile and I shall miss it terribly.

SPON 39, as it says on the cover, is untouched by human hands. The marks on these pages [barring the words on the cover of course] were made by wind up toys as bought by Dr Steg during a recent trip to Istanbul [where he narrowly missed getting dragged in to the recent street protests for his troubles].

I dare say Dr Steg will continue to produce works of art from various outposts along the Fylde coast. I’m reliably informed he’s already been roped in to the up and coming Manchester Black Leather Jesus show where he’ll be once again assisting Smell & Quim, two feet from the left hand PA stack like last time I suppose. I hope he continues to collaborate with both Smell & Quim and the Ceramic Hobs whose last album cover contained a fine Steg screen print. We haven’t seen the last of him, only SPON.



Nobody's Business said...

Sad news. The hard copy physical object is the way forward, especially in the alternative sphere. Back to Mono! All hail the Steg!

Idwal Fisher said...

Have just heard from Dr. Steg, I have my wires crossed, there are indeed a few more SPON's in the pipeline. Apologies for any confusion caused.

Anonymous said...

Whooaaa! Great news. Steg 4EVA! (PS: "Confusion" can be groovy.)