Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wants List 02 - A Tribute to Paul Williams

The last of the Paul Williams Wants Lists then. For those of you who missed the first list go here and get the full story.

These are spoof wants lists of the kind that used to pass around in letters in pre internet days. They were Paul Williams way of winding up the kind of people who deliberately wrote several impossibly obscure noise releases at the end of their missives in an attempt to make themselves look uber mode and far cooler than you’d ever be. Some people went as far as xeroxing multiple pages of wants lists that ran to hundreds of releases. In hindsight I should have printed these out and circulated them myself. The consternation it caused would have cheered Paul up no end.

Hanratty - Stiff and Well Hung. LP
Sinophile - Godzilla Tinnitus. CD
Sinophile - Stainless Steel Kurosawa. CD
Sinophile - Pixellated Genitalia. 7”
Hand Relief - The Urgent Sounds Of … LP
Executive Sperm - Rape Fantasies of the Rich and Famous. CD
NON - Isotonic Riefenstahl. 12”
Ineffectual Orgasm - Thalidomide Porn. 7”
Ineffectual Orgasm - The Hemophiliac Masochist. LP
Laibach - Eurovisionary. CD
Laibach - Starlight Express. LP
Masonna - Vaginal Thrush Dynamics. CD
Psychic TV - Never Give a Sucker and Even Break. LP
Coitus - Loose Sausagemeat. CD
Coitus - Wet Chin. 12”
Hyena Childbirth - Nekrospastik. LP
Hyena Childbirth - Double Kripple Kumshot. LP
Taint - Win Friends and Influence People. Cas
Extreme Old Ladies - Forced to Lactate. CD
Extreme Old Ladies - Broomhandle. 12”
Extreme Old Ladies - Young Lads Piss Parade. CD
Bernhard G√ľnter - John Cage 4’33 Remix Project. 10 CD Box Set.
The Hungerford Gun Club - Dunblane Pastoral. 7”
Anal Mistress - Five Holes No Anus. Cas
Anal Mistress - Devoted to Crohn’s. Cas.
Anal Mistress - The Howard Hughes Collection. CD
Phillpe Branler - Bander Comme un Cerf. CD
Baroque Noise Treacle - Metal Machine Madrigals. CD
Baroque Noise Treacle - Albinoni Gang Rape Variations. CD
Saucy Jack - The Kidney Scented Classics of … LP
The Funny Men - Glazed Knuckles. 10” Pic Disc
The Funny Men - The Pleasure of Soft Fruit. LP
The Funny Men - Strategically Placed Hole. 7”
The Funny Men - Strategically Placed Appendage. 7”
The Funny Men - I’m Your New Daddy. LP
Eclampsia - Immersion Foot. CD
Eclampsia - Cardiac Tamponade. CD
V/A - Bamboo Oscillator. CD [Japnoise Comp]
The Despisers - Vinyl Flawing. 7” [Unplayable floor tile]
Newton St Boswells - Abject Slow Grind. CD

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Steve said...

I love the name Font Of Cess … Mmmmm Love Font Of Cess is a better name!!