Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Evil Moisture + Hantarash

Evil Moisture + Hantarash - Fat Anarchy On Air Tube
2x12” test pressing
Harbinger Sound 033-12
Being a diligent researcher I decided to unearth the CD version of this monster that appeared via Harbinger and Tochnit Aleph a year or so ago so that I could cross reference, take notes, compare, contrast and re-listen ... except I couldn’t find it. I did come across a rather obscure release of Evil Moisture’s called ‘Sausage Tunneling With Fuckwhittakers Drape Curler [Live]’ a shabby affair comprising two shitty Chinese C60’s held together with a hair curler and a scrap piece of paper for a cover. But after listening to nothing but hiss for the last hour or so I deduce that this was a live show so brief as to be virtually non existent. Either that or the sounds on here have degraded into nothing-ness courtesy of the sub standard strips of Sellotape scattered with iron filings that passes muster for Chinese cassette tape or that this was the only time Evil Moisture ventured into John Cage territory.
In a review I wrote at the time I mentioned that this was earmarked for a double vinyl excursion and so it would appear. Or does it? No sign of it on the horizon as yet and If this stays at a 15 run test press it will no doubt become extremely collectible [sealed bids to my email address please].
According to the Evil Moisture website five copies of this test press have been inserted into hand made covers and will become available soon, so a tiny amount is out there. If it does appear then you will get a remixed version of the CD and something almost entirely new. Sort of.
Expect the manic of course; quiz bell buzzers, revving mopeds, the Eye of the Tiger, a never ending cascade of screams, gurgles, cartoon endings and Amiga bleeps going in 45 degree angles in an attempt to run over its all tail. Its a dodgem car ride on acid, 20 years of noise chopped up into tiny bits, thrown into the air and glued back together at random whilst reading Finnegans Wake after no sleep.
If you put Andy Bolus [English noise mangler resident in France ergo Evil Moisture] and Yamantaka EyE/ƎyE/eYǝ/aye/aye [Japanese noise god resident everywhere ergo Hanatarash] together then your going to get fireworks and this is what you have here. Tape hiss it is not.

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