Friday, July 16, 2010


Look at me, I got my first link to review.
All you have to do is click on the link, download the file, open it up, burn the songs to a disc, print off the art work, cut it into CD size shapes, insert CD and art work [glue the artwork onto the disc too if you want to get really carried away] fit all the pieces into a CD jewel case and before you know it you’ve got you very own Infirm Individual release.
Except I did none of the above. OK, I downloaded the file and opened it up but after listening to two minutes of mashed up doom metal, lecture samples about atoms and poncey keyboard stabs I wanted to kill myself so I thought it’d be better if I went into another room away from the computer and read a book or watched an old episode of Dad’s Army or something. Anything but subject myself to the misery of actually giving up my precious spare time to someone who thinks that sending a link in emails is a good way to get something reviewed.
Emails were a good idea once upon a time but that was before the spam merchant’s and serial forwarders got hold of them. Now your inbox is more than likely to contain all manner of shite and very little of worth. The above link falls into the shite category of course.
I’m no Luddite though. I think that in general computers are a good idea. I also think that records and CD’s and cassettes are a good idea and a better way of expressing yourself and getting someone’s attention than links in emails. Links in emails are tenuous portals into the murky world of MP3 where everything is available for the price of a PC and an internet connection. Give me vinyl, give me CD, give me cassette, give me something tactile and tangible, something that will still be around in x years time, something I can pick up and look at with [hopefully] fond memories, something I know came from an individual who cared so much about what they were doing that they took the time to press it up, put it together and put it in the post along with a little bit of themselves.

Begon foul link and darken my door no more.
Coming next; the memory stick review.

[please note - this link is dead]

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