Friday, July 16, 2010

Grey Park

Grey Park - A Final Exam For A Agent
267 Lattajjaa CDR. LTJ 76
Beguiling Finnish out-there unclassifiable drone skronk noise shortwave etherplasm merchants Grey Park have been baffling and entertaining me for quite some time now. Trying to pin down their sound is nigh on impossible such is their ability to switch sides mid stream and A Final Exam is no exception. There’s spazzy guitar, shortwave illuminesence, hip-hop samples, Van Morrison samples, Eno-esque ambient burblings, someone hitting a tom-tom very s-l-o-w-l-y and patiently against a background of IRCAM dabblings and even a Matti Nykanen cover. Former ski legend Nykanen is Finland’s favourite tabloid fodder due to his penchant for getting pissed and doing stupid things, so covering one of his songs [he’s a part time entertainer too] seems logical for a Finnish experimental outfit. And to prove they have a sense of humour theres a sample of Tanita Tikaram’s Twist In My Sobriety stuck on the end.
All in all Grey Park cover in forty minutes what six other experimental musicians do in six albums such is their multi directional approach. All of this rendered meaningless though as I’ve just discovered that this is already sold out.

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