Friday, July 16, 2010

Kylie Minoise

Kylie Minoise - Live in Japan
Korvorox Sound. Kovo-033
Kylie Minoise - The Paralysis Sect
Korvorox Sound. Kovo-034

When one man noise unit Kylie Minoise toured Japan he didn’t just record the live shows, he recorded the TV in his hotel room, the singing girl choir in Kyoto station, shrines and most memorably, a karaoke God Save The Queen with Hiroshi Hasegawa.
The four live tracks were worth the trip. In Nagoya some industrial clanging ends with some of the most ferocious noise blasts I’ve encountered, teaming up with Junko in Kyoto they try and outdo Hijokaidan with impressive results. But its the incidentals that make this release worth treasuring; the manic introduction by Hide Fujiwara, the ultra distorted karaoke blast and the recording made in hotel rooms of Japanese TV programs. Add these to the KM gigs and you have something lot more lasting than a postcard or a pair of ornamental chopsticks.
The Paralysis Sect sees KM try on some Industrial/Ritual/Ambience boots for style. After getting over the fact that this release wasn’t going to loosen my fillings or shake the wall plaster loose I found myself ensconced in some rather pleasant drifting territory. The two lengthy tracks here emit machine hum, ritualistic sticks beat out a repetitive melody whilst the shorter middle section is someone using an angle grinder to escape from the insides of a 40 ton stainless steel feed silo. As is the case with such material the pleasure lies in deeper listening. What appears to be a simple industrial drone becomes on repeated, closer listening a multifaceted layer of groans, sines, and high pitched whistles.
Kylie Minoise may well be the most versatile noise act now working within the UK. His live shows are memorable and the way he’s diverting his recorded style into different areas bodes well too.

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