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I don’t normally make new years resolutions but after careful thought and consideration it became obvious to me that the Idwal Fisher blog needed a shake up. Well, obvious to me at least. So how better to usher in this shiny new election year than with a clean sweep of the old thought process. Out goes the ‘I review everything I get sent’ mantra of the last six years and in comes a more laissez faire attitude.

From today if I do get something sent I promise I’ll listen to it but I wont promise I’ll review it, so yes the review gates are once more open but please don’t expect a quick response. I have been known to sit on things for over a year before cogitation took its natural course.

From today I will review whatever takes my fancy be it something I bought in Oxfam or the new Pynchon novel. I used to like reviewing the odd chazza LP so why not bring those days back and if that Vomir release has to go in the opposite direction then so be it. Bring on the Round The Horne LP and that flexi disc that came as an Encyclopedia Britannica promo with the Michael Aspel quiz on the b-side. Derek Bailey playing with David Sylvian? Why not. And that Ethiopian jazz CD courtesy of Awesome Tapes From Africa that’s been doing the rounds the last few weeks now, I feel it needs a post. And Super Noise Penis, the Smell & Quim/Cock E.S.P. 7" I’ve just dug played for the first time in donkeys. Smashing.

I shall still champion the underground [even if Dave Keenan’s has had it locked in the naughty cupboard for the foreseeable future] as this is where I feel most at home. Things will be a lot zippier round here too, not so much time spent pondering over structure. Not that I ever did much of that in the first place.

I have a little more time to myself these days and I always get more done in the winter months so expect a spurt. Or maybe not. All this could change come the summer and Test Match Special [always a distraction] but for now this is it. This thing that your looking at. It will continue.

I’ll be linking this to the contact and submissions page so it doesn’t get lost.


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