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The Piss Superstition - Vocal Learning

The Piss Superstition - Vocal Learning
Kirkstall Dark Matter. CDR
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Back in Leeds already? But why not? What’s not to celebrate about this fine northern city with its wide ranging shopping attractions, multifarious social mix and viscous football hooligans? In my last offering I think I only but scratched the surface of who’s wandering around Leeds plucking and prodding these days and whilst I’m here lets not forget that you don’t have to go that far out of the city centre to find further hotspots of Yorkshire activity; think Huddersfield, Mirfield, Sheffield and Bradford, Elland, Mirfield, Sheepscar, Gomersal and of course Kirkstall.

Julian Bradley is one of the quieter Leeds figures. Where Campbell bounces about with all the enthusiasm of ten Tiggers on speed, Bradley comes across as if he’s just spent a bright and sunny afternoon in the library soaking up Hegel and Nietzsche. Or maybe thats just me. Definitely the Ying to Campbell’s Yang with whom he has collaborated and with whom he played a part in the Vibracathedral Orchestra.

The Piss Superstition is Bradley and [here anyway] Paul Steere each conjuring an incomparable sound thats as un-generable as fellow Leeds dabbler Ocelocelot. Maybe what we’re getting here is a multi cross pollinated many faceted pollution of sounds. Sounds that can only emerge after spending an entire lifetime soaking up the juxtaposed outpourings of composers and bands such as Burt Bacharach, Whitehouse, Post Punk, American Hardcore, Motown, English Folk, 90’s pop, Greek Rabetika, African funk, Charlamagne Palestine, Pain Jerk, Sun Ra, the list is pretty much endless. There’s certainly no way you could give someone whatever it is that they’re using to make this racket [noise gadgets, keyboard, guitars?] and get them to create what it is I’m hearing now.

For some it would be plain noise but there’s a sense of discordance here that points to structuring. ‘Dilating Pupil’ is on one level a subharmonic skree-fest whilst on the other the dying eruptions of a discharging synth. Two note riffs as played on a cheap keyboard are as complex as it gets here - cartoon doodles flaying around in a track of wheezy noise. ‘Bleeding Heart’ is a shrub shredder that flays and phases, a helicopter ride at dangerous decibels. ‘Fucking Nerve’ is a slower trawl through scouring Hater like scuzz above which a totally destroyed electric guitar [maybe an electric guitar, maybe something that hasn’t got a name yet] gets reversed, stood on, swung around and generally abused.

Where all this is going I have no idea but I’m of the opinion that anything you cant pigeonhole is of worth and so we have worth here. Plain old noise to some but the sound of sonic plates shifting to others. In Leeds too don’t forget.


The Piss Superstition

Kirkstall Dark Matter

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