Friday, July 16, 2010


Culver - They Killed Suzie Carter
Hyster. Hyster 07. Cassette
Re-Clip - Notes
Hyster. Hyster 08. Cassette.
Smear Campaign - Constipated Albion.
Total Vermin #26 cassette. C26
A Jarvis / Moral Holiday.
Total Vermin #27 cassette. C20
Bad Orb / Plum State
Total Vermin #28 cassette. C20
MPO/LERM - OZ OZ Alice 1
Total Vermin #29 cassette. C43
Servants Of Culture, Drinkers of Pearls Volume 1
Total Vermin #30 cassette. C40
Total Vermin’s unstoppable, drone, fluxus, nether regions UK underground documentation process shows no sign of abating and with this batch proves that if you need to know whats happening beneath the Wire radar you need to be getting in touch. Total immersion over the last few days coupled with a real under the skin session on a wet and dank November Saturday afternoon had all the benefits of drug overdose without any of the side effects. Listening to whats left of the Ceramic Hobs in their MPO/LERM guise is a startling experience and fills me with the kind of hope for music I once had back in ’78. Leaving Stan Batcow to his own devices the drink seems to have taken hold of the rest of them and in OZ OZ Alice 1 they carve out a rock seam that fits in somewhere between the Velvet’s The Gift and Nurse With Wound circa A Sucked Orange. Morris’s spoken word delivery makes Charles Manson sound about as scary as a the speaking clock, add in juxtaposed and ill fitting samples [cheerily sung Christmas carols and Wurlitzer organs?] and you have probably the only group in the UK worth following. There are songs on here the spines of which are a thudding bass plod or a chugging riff but each becomes buried under some detritus or other whilst Morris sings/talks through a series of diatribes that coalesce into something that could be termed a ranting manifesto against normality. They left the cake out in the rain alright. Maybe the drugs are stronger in Blackpool or the beer is cheaper or they have too much time on their hands but something is definitely happening on the Fylde coast and it needs to be heard. This is the first in a series of 11 OZ OZ Alice release, the rest are eagerly awaited.
Dragging myself away from such dementia is hard but the drone must go on. Phil Todd’s solo project Moral Holiday sounds like Popol Vuh meets Smell & Quim. Andy Jarvis, a long time favourite here reappears for the first time in a long time and comes over all wailing electronica built around a hacking guitar refrain. Smear Campaign as you would surmise is a collaboration twixt Filthy Turd and Smear Campaign resulting in the soundtrack to a Friday night kicking on the hard, damp streets of Stoke. Imagine you just spent fifty quid getting pissed in the worst bars in Stoke and you wake up in the morning with a two day hangover and your jeans are stained with piss and you have bruises on your face that you don’t remember receiving and you’re bent over the toilet bowl retching green bile into the abyss, well thats Filthy Smear. About as ugly and deformed as its possible to get inside a plastic shell. Bad Orb is looped mumbled vocals, whiny squeal, tinkly toy piano creating a spacious drone. Plum State is a hum of sorts in which a vibrating string hits the rim in spaghetti western Morricone style. The Vermin comp Servants Of Culture, Drinkers of Pearls finds Littlecreature Courses Thorough Content in Ribald Constance rubbing shoulders with easier gobfulls such as DK720, Dead Labour Process, Shareholder, Plum State and Sindre Bjerga. DK720 fill the room with emetic bass end noise farts the rest lies somewhere between leaning on a keyboard with your forearms and radio signals picked up by orbiting manned space modules.
After the day-glo shells and colour sleeves of Total Vermin its back to Hyster’s monochrome vision and recycled cassettes. Culver fit in to the monochrome ideal well seeing as how Culver’s main home is Matching Head, another tape label with a black and white philosophy. Culver fans wont be disappointed with these two tracks; one a murky trudge round an underwater cement factory, the other an ohm drone, a burbling range of notes that if stretched across a hundred years would be worthy of Cage.
Re-Clip’s Notes is a 16 track comp spanning the last ten years of their existence. It’s a slightly trippy slip and slide mix of hypnotic broken analogue beats, field recordings and spacey ambience thats hardly original but still listenable. I’m not averse to such working but on recycled cassette the finished product is lost in a midden of muddy mid range.
All the above are cheap, welcome and come in editions of 50.
Hyster: plaa [at]

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