Friday, July 16, 2010

Kill And Eat

Kill and Eat - Green Bushes
Alright Now Records. ANR08 CD
Kill And Eat are a three piece that utilise piano, trumpet, drums and vocals to build three dreamy, drifty songs that depending on your frame of mind are a] the most relaxing thing you ever heard in your life or b] the most annoying bollocks you ever heard in your life.
At times they sound like a half drunk jazz outfit buggering about after closing time, at others a distracted Burt Bacharach working on a new song. Jim O’Rourke’s meandering offerings spring to mind most often as does something I once hear by Wim Mertens that worked an LP’s worth of stuff around some piano musing but overall these feel like half worked moments rather than anything fulfilling.
It all became too much for me during Green Bushes [Sketch] where the constant jazz like vocal scat refrain became ultimately annoying. I kill your moody song with my death ray gun and punk rock records. Of the three tracks the title track is the least offensive/most rewarding: an 18 minute stretch/sketch in which moaning vocals and plonky piano drift along before the keys start getting hit harder and the song BURSTS INTO LIFE. To be fair if I heard Pharoah Sanders doing something like this [and some of Green Sketches isn’t a million miles away from some of his Impulse! stuff] then I’d be salivating but ultimately this is just mood music. A bit of Sanders, a bit of Burt, a bit of Jim, a fiver when you need a tenner a missed bus, a cold cup of tea when what you wanted was a black Earl to go.
Kill and Eat have decided they don’t do artwork either as they want their ‘music to be judged on its own merit not by whether it comes with visual art or fancy/handmade packaging’. This, therefore comes wrapped in a piece of folded A4 paper with just the minimal information, which if anything makes this feel more throwaway than it already is.
Alright Now Records, 1209, Wooster Road, Winona Lake, IN 46590, USA
killandeat [at]

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