Monday, February 03, 2014

Nigel Joseph

Nigel Joseph  - 1 2 3
SRV20. CDR. 30 Copies.

[All above information baring artist name and run number guessed at]

I remember interviewing Nigel Joseph many years ago after a particularly long drinking session in Blackpool. We were sat in Simon Morris’s front room and Simon thought it’d be a good idea for me to ask Nigel a few questions as I wrote a zine and I could type it all up and print it and everybody could read it.

Joseph had a history of mental illness and talked frankly about his run in with the psychiatric branches of the NHS, his suicide attempts and the strong drugs he took to keep him on the straight and narrow - oh the hours flew by. And despite having been out drinking for most of the day he seemed to be making more sense than the rest of us put together.

When he’s not making noises he plays guitar with the Ceramic Hobs. He’s perhaps most famous [or should that be infamous?] for playing the Hoover, running the thing around the stage as the Hobs played on. He once released a hundred noise tape that were sewn inside a dead dog and only available for ten minutes at ten past ten on the tenth of the tenth, or was it a hundred dead dogs inside ten noise cassettes … never mind, its not on Discogs. The last release I got to hear of his was a few years back on the Blackpool label Must Die Records, a release that had beats so drug infused I seem to remember passing it on to Campbell with the words, only to be played under the influence of Largactyl. Campbell loved it of course. I have another old noise release of Josephs here that is basically old blues records distorted into oblivion. Like listening to Led Zeppelin doing Leadbelly covers through totally fucked speakers at volume 11.

And now this. Three tracks of noise that run to 28 minutes. Simon Morris once asked me how do you keep coming up with things to say about noise releases? And I really didn’t know how to answer. Like a trooper you just get on with it.

1,2,3 is three noise tracks. It could be a pure dub of another noise release. Its generic noise that flat-lines in the same mid range. It could be two noise releases with one release in each speaker.

That's how you write about noise releases.

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