Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Various media.

Reviews of Dr. Steg related work on this blog usually appear after the scans but seeing as there’s about 50 of Steg’s latest offering to look at I thought it best to do the writing bit first. This leaves you to then savour the long scroll down to the bottom of the page without due let or hindrance.

The story so far: Dr Steg has decided to ditch his magazine/mail art project SPON and replace it with SSPONNGG [or various spellings thereof]. SSPONNNGG is whatever Dr. Steg says it is. Here its two A4 zines and in what must be seen to be one of the most over the top SSSPOONNGGG/SPON releases yet: a handmade slipcase containing around 15 A5 zines, various booklets, original artworks, a button badge featuring the band TIRIKILATOPS, a CD of the band TIRIKILATOPS [that refuses to play], an 11 minute DVD collaboration with Andy Paciorek that showcases some of their artwork and has music by Stan Batcow and some hand made postcards. The slipcase itself appears to be covered in lumps of dried meat, tile spacers and other bits of plastic detritus. This has then been liberally daubed in red paint [which was still a bit wet and had the odor of wet paint when it arrived. Dr. Steg moves quickly]. All of this is mind boggling enough as it is and then you look at those tiny booklets and you notice that they are all originals, all of them drawn in Steg’s own spidery hand with a drawing pen whose diameter must be measured in microns. I was in awe.

And still am. There’s no point trying to make any sense of this. It would take a Michael Collins or an Andrew Graham-Dixon or a Brian Sewell to do it justice and wouldn’t you just love to see Brian Sewell take his mind to this lot. For now let us all cast our gaze Steg-ward and hope that the next Ceramic Hob’s single isn’t too far away.

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