Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Timglaset #7 - Errata
Kit Records KR26
44pp A5 zine + cassette/dl
150 copies.

Everybody makes mistakes. Its why people put rubbers on the end of knobs. We’re only human after all. Think of Trump, of Brexit, of Hipsters.

I too have made many mistakes during my life, some bigger than others, but listing them all here would be both tiresome and in some cases too revealing for one so shy and retiring. Suffice to say that I once thought painting the living room walls a garish shade of canary yellow was a good idea only to give up after half an hours application as it was making me feel ill. Quelle horreur.

Timglaset #7 is all about mistakes, or as it calls them ‘Errata’. Which may be more to do with a list of printing mistakes in a book but is here taken in a wider context so as to take account of things that go wrong but with surprisingly good results. Think Penicillin. Think tea bags. Think Jackson Pollock.

Its a tidy, glossy print A5 zine filled with imagery, poetry and accounts of things that have gone wrong artistically. Such as Malcolm Green and his box full of gone wrong art projects. Artworks that haven’t come out right for whatever reason, etchings that haven’t fixed, all going in a box until that box itself becomes damaged and the things inside it damaged even further. I was particularly taken with Marco Giovenale’s ‘Arte Molto Povera’ and his small scraps of torn paper stuck to walls. The Dada like cut and paste work of Robin Tomens and Jane Pearrett is also to be cheered as is Mirfield’s very own [and the reason I’ve got this] Paul Tone and his ‘Snow Birds Kiss My Face My Grassy Legs Shine’ digital image manipulations.

The accompanying cassette also has its delights and its errata. The first two tracks are a short interview with a certain Thomas Walsh, both equalling 37 seconds in duration the first being nothing but total silence the other being full of interruptions and false starts. After that I’m struggling to see where error plays its part but at least I got to hear some music by ten people I’d never heard of before. Music that spans everything from gently plucked acoustic guitar, piano, Dennis Duck like stuck grooves and Chris Carter like synth pop courtesy of Devonanon. My absolute fave and the one that made me swoon was by Domenique Dumont. Henri’s Dream is a track that sounds like it was recorded in a very big bathroom with French pop outfit Air as Dominque sings/talks her seductive lyrics down the toilet bowl her voice emerging like an alluring Siren, the sounds a languid synth pop beat suffused with Gitane smoke.

The zine may be slight at 44 pages and through your hands in less than 15 minutes or so but the quality is top notch and the memory lingers. Nothing wrong with that.

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