Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ashtray Navigations/Ocelocelot

Ashtray Navigations - Ten Layer Terror
Memoirs of an Aesthete Layererror 2000 Series no 2005 CDR [100 copies]

Ashtray Navigations - Fuzzbottle Phenomena
Memoirs of an Aesthete 2000 Series no 2001 CDR [100 copies]

Human Combustion Engine 2
Smokers Gifts CDR Smokers Gifts *2 [50 copies]

Ocelocelot - Mental’s Last Chance
Smokers Gifts CDR Smokers Gifts *10 [100 copies]

To The Grove, Huddersfield, Kwak on draft, Trebuchet Triples [bottle fermented foam escaping out of the neck in live yeasty fashion] a lousy head cold, shivers, the Kwak filling my aching bones with that numbing strong alcohol feeling and there’s Phil Todd and there’s the Undermaster and Phil Taylor and next to me Mel Delaney CD’s and records purchased earlier in the day at Wall of Sound from their impressive downstairs vinyl department. I bought John Cooper Clarks ‘Gimmix’ and from the continental market, a wild boar sausage. May Contain Nuts packets swimming in spilt beer [a wobbly table and customers in Fez’s]. Later I would smoke my first cigarette in months and get driven home in a taxi by the only Asian hunchback in West Yorkshire. In my pockets CD’s that have stickers on them so I cant play them in the PC because they get jammed when the discs heat up and the glue melts on them so I play them on my Walkman and all the better they sound for it. Delirious chapters of music that nobody else makes. The Toddmeisters long running Ashtray Navigations project is at its creative peak. Fuzzbottle Phenomena i played at least three times in succession. Its four tracks creating in my snot filled head the feeling of having been lifted up to face Christ in his heaven and finding he has the Broken Flag back catalogue to his elbow. The picked acoustic intro to ‘Blowwing’ [Black Sabbath’s more reflective moments] is but mere gestation to the great fizzing OHM. Creaking, swaying, sawn up electric guitar squealy drone throbbing huge expansive drilling into the hippocampus pleasure regions my eyeballs melt into my glass of Bowmore and I die die die a happy man this gusting wintry wet night. Its enough to make a grown man weep the fact that this music [and I’m getting tired of saying this] languishes on CDRs that number 100 copies. Ten Layer Terror ten short tracks the last of which [Mist Lingue] scalps you. Together the Todd/Delaney axis bring you Human Combustion Engine 2 a two tracks outing into Klaus Schulze land in which Korgs and Echo Units bring peace and tranquility. I played the latter track [Where Am I When Am I What Am I?] so many times on repeat that I entered a different dimension whereupon my body floated above the PC monitor and I could see the wires down the back. Its one of those great tracks that slowly takes over your concentration. One minute your getting on with your life and suddenly you become aware that there’s some sound in the room that you must investigate. Scratchy sounds and shortwaveness abounds in Ocelocelot land. Passages of deep static fractured beyond repair beats subsumed under a dense barrage of ugly noise aberrations of what was once a Suicide b-side smeared in dog shit and stuck into a B&O rack. The horrendous farts of a thousand devils. The death rattle of a leprotic transistor radio.
It’s all here in Leeds. Hold the earphones tight to your ears.

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