Saturday, May 22, 2010

Palumbo - Tomasini

Palumbo - Tomasini / Canes Venatici
Blossoming Noise CD BN033

Once in a while a release comes along and knocks you sideways. There you are bobbing along with a regular away review pile when something comes out of the speakers that sounds like it came from another planet altogether. Canes Venatici did it for me.
I urge anybody with an inquisitive taste in music to enter into the world of Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo and Ernesto Tomasini. Its a world where 19th century Grand Guignol meets Judas Priest meets Nurse With Wound. And if you think that makes an ungodly mess then you couldn’t be more mistaken.
Tomasini is the voice; an Italian singer who can sing through four octaves. Palumbo creates the music; a clear cut mixture of modern Italian Avant Garde that takes a big leaf from the Steve Stapelton/David Tibet book.
But calling Tomasini a singer is like calling a five course meal something to eat. His vocal range is one of the most impressive I’ve ever heard. From the high falsetto heard on the opening 13 minute track to the Dick Van Dyke crooning of ‘Whistling Away The Dark’ his voice is both sublime and staggering in its diversity. The opening track ‘Tratto Sulla ...’ has deep breathing, oscillators, spoken Italian words - a piece of music that sounds like it was recorded in the Vatican cellars whilst the Papal Swiss Guard lolled about on harlequin cushions smoking dope, kicking off their shoes and getting down with the vibe. Canes Venatici also contains what must be one of the most remarkable cover versions ever; Judas Priest's ‘Breaking The Law’. Tomasini sings it in the style of a malevolent child snatcher whilst behind him clockwork toys wind down and solemn strings are struck. It’s one of the most incredible thing I’ve ever heard.
There is but six measly tracks and thirty plus minutes on here with in which to indulge your senses. All of it has been replayed endlessly since it arrived.
This release not only enhances the listeners life it gives it new meaning and direction. I never heard of these two people in my life before, I thought I had a wide and eclectic taste in music. I now realise I know nothing.

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