Saturday, May 22, 2010

RRR/Nose Picker/Irukandi/Realcide

RRR - The Best
Nose Picker [cant find a title]
Irukandi - Pray For Me
Realcide - Ready to Fight

There I was tearing down the inside lane of the M621 at 60 mph with Burt Kaempfert’ s Afrikaan Beat blasting from the tape player when the thought occurred to me that Ron Lessard had just sent me some really rubbish records. Which is a little like kicking your granny in the shins after she’s just given you a fiver for your birthday but it has to be said, Nose Picker, Irukandi and Realcide, you did nothing for me. Actually come to think of it they did do something for me; Irukandi made me want to fall asleep - big tired bear yawns afore curling up for three months hibernation sleep. Realcide made me realise why I don’t like all that angsty, hardcore, thrashocre call it what you will core, all that shouting oooh no and Nose Picker ... four live tracks of screaming and a-hollering that sounded like Incapacitants on a tenth grade dub recorded in a toilet on a train. A meandering collection of random bleeps and nostril debris that is the epitome of time wasting. Ron did save himself from a five star lashing by including one of his most marvelous compilations though. Simply titled ‘The Best’ it includes some snorting material from the likes of Halflings, Cathode Terror Secretion, Ichorous, Brutophilia the Cherry Point and the enigmatic IS. Fluttering undertows of woofer expanding mania from Halflings, screaming noise from CTS and IS chip in with with an almost disappearing off the scale of audibility piece that plunges into the bowels of hellfire damnation noise save your souls you hell bound sinners.  And as for Brutophilia ... well what do you expect from an outfit with a name like that. It all comes wrapped in customised junked sleeve with oddball newspaper inserts hand written by the man himself labels. Which leaves me wondering why, with so much good and wholesome American noise out there, does the Ronfather choose to put out such mediocre stuff as Nose Pickers?  

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