Sunday, November 10, 2013

SPON 34 + 35


Issues 34 and 35 of Dr Steg’s ongoing SPON mission to make misanthropy a household word came with all manner of effluvia including a homemade postcard [reproduced above], an instant suicide kit [see blades attached to back of 34] and a button badge bearing the ashes of the late artist John Bailey [which I can’t find and which may have been sucked up by the Hoover - ashes to ashes dust to dust and all that].

Issue 36 comes on a DVD but before I insert That little morsel of delight here’s the dirt on what we have above: Issue 34 is the ‘found at the back of the wardrobe’ issue containing, as it does, sketches for a project that never came to fruition. Here the character sketches see Dr. Steg as he was ten years ago. A more up to date Dr. Steg appears in issue 35 where, if you look carefully, you’ll see a post it note from Rob Hayler, a tribute to Hiroshima Yeah! zine and its still incarcerated contributor Gary Simmons, a pile of dog shit, the word ‘scleroderma’ in the middle of transparent paper spread titled ‘Chicester Rubber Glove Factory’ and numerous peans to Dr. Steg’s likes and dislikes. In this issue the likes include the Ceramic Hobs [with whom Steg has collaborated and has further work in the pipeline], Gilbert & George and ‘Good Grief’ a shop in Manchester’s Affleck Palace. The dislikes would no doubt fill the British Library but are no doubt a big a spur to creativity as the ‘likes’. Its what makes Steg what he is. Whatever that is.

I’ve reproduced only a few of the images purely because I want you to experience the joy of holding SPON in your own dear hand, be it a zine, a DVD, a plastic bag full of rubbish or a ‘survival kit’ that arrived here in one of those handy plastic compartment containers [read, more detritus].

If only there were more Steg’s in the world.

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